The Mortal Instruments: Simon


Simon and his magic bow.

This has a great story behind it: I was at New England Webcomics Weekend last weekend, and I casually mentioned to my friend Jeff Barone that I liked The Mortal Instruments Series,and he casually mentioned that Cassandra Clare lives in the area and he totally knows her and hey look, what a coincidence, here’s the lovely husband of her friend. It turned out that she might even come if she recovers from a rockin’ signing in Toronto that lasted until midnight.

In case she would be able to stop by the next day I asked if I could draw some fan art because I’d been meaning to draw Simon for aaaages and it would be awesome to give it to her in person. The next day, she was still too tired from her trip, but her friend stopped by and picked it up. She said she liked it, and at the behest of her and Cassandra, I colored it!

24 layers of interacting light in CS3 later, here it is! Simon with non-canon bow!

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FMP 4Koma

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Now I am actually using my skills. Translations of some Full Metal Panic 4 Frame Comics that originally appeared in Dragon Magazine.

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Have some Raife

I’m supposed to be working on my film, so I made you lots of Raife. I’m just playing with some rough sketches to get a handle on him.

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Columbus Zoo: Mock Tiger Commercial

Mock Columbus Zoo Icon for PR Class Project

This summer I took Communications 634: Creative Message Design. In this PR class, and we were assigned to design a mock full-media PR campaign for The Columbus Zoo (rated the no. 1 zoo in the US this year! Eat it, San Diego;). We had a great time designing mailing strategies and a social media campaign.

I had an especially good time designing the logo and writing one of the commericals entitled “In Your Backyard.” I storyboarded it and the one by my great teammate Emily for the Polar Bear Exhibit.

Here are the boards for “In Your Backyard”.

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Still In Progress After 3 Years: Troll

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Lapis Redoned-ed

So as I said, I couldn’t stand the way Lapis originally turned out. Here it is! I posted more process in the … er … process.

Sousuke and jewel

So it took me two days to finish “Lapis Lazuli”, a Full Metal Panic fanart of Sousuke as a boy (aka Kashim) in the Badakshan province. The best lapis lazuli is found there, so it’s no surprise that he has some (as revealed in Dancing Very Merry Christmas). Anyway, I thought since Chidori’s hair was coincidentally the color of lapis, he might catch a glimpse of his fate one starry sunset … Of course this only applies to the anime.The reason it took two days was well, first of all, his right hand was a b!tch to draw no matter the number of mirrors I used. But overall, that pass was too overworked, and it showed. Furthermore, once I posted it to my blog), along with the earlier sketches, I realized that I’d butchered his face.

Ironically, this was because I used the “flip technique” extensively, and frankly, the sketch looked better (flipped or not!) before I tried to fix it. But flipping got my doubts flowing, so I’m going to have to learn when I can trust my instincts and when I can’t.

Anyway, it worked out because I think I learned a hell of a lot doing it twice. :)

Original text below the fold.

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In the end, I couldn’t stand it. REDO. It was so sloppy. BLECH.

Anyway, on my way:

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Happy Birthday, girl!

Merry Graduation!


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Hey! Meet Raife! I made him up today. He has an army of ghosts that keep him company and safe. He still needs a hand.

I don’t know what world he’s part of …. “Nightbear Chronicles” comes to mind, but frankly, that sounds a little redonk. Meh.

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Shades of Pink and Blue

Since I’m on an FMP kick, I pulled out a really old, like five years old, sketch that I made when I first watched the show. One of the things that’s kept me from drawing the most is that when I ink my pencils, it’s like all the life is sucked from them, and my stuff looks crappy crappy crappy. However, lately I’ve found that I’m much better with the pencil tool in Photoshop than the brush, and so I’m trying to get used to it. Do you think the inks are worse/better than the pencil?

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